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Please ask permission before using my art! If you want to repost it to Tumblr or Facebook, please include appropriate credits and a link to my deviantART or Tumblr (


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[3 Slots Open] Commissions Info

Payment method: Paypal (no points at this time, sorry!)

Contact: Note, Tumblr, or email
(myst at studiovoxyz • com)

I do mainly UTAU/fanvocaloid/other OC art and virtual petsite art. See below for examples and price lists. All prices are in USD.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices listed are at a base cost; the price may change depending on complexity of request.

I am not able to draw any NSFW, detailed mecha, or detailed cityscapes, sorry.

Excluding sketches, singthesizer-related art gets a $3 discount!

Quick Updates

10.15.17 - Updated commissions info/update journals, 3 slots open

Commission Slots & Status
1. casually_caustic - fullbody flat color - sketch started
2. Abstract Methodology - album cover - not started

Character Art

I will do commissions of human, anthro and quad OCs. Price depends on complexity of character and size of image requested. For examples, please see my gallery. I can do both anime and toon-y styles upon request; soft or cell shading, colored/noncolored lineart, etc.

Uncolored - $3
Colored - $6
+Additional character - $2

Lineart - $20
Flat Color - $25
Lineless Color - $35
Lined Full Color - $40
+ Background - +$15
+ Additional character - +$15

Bust or Chibi:
Lineart - $15
Flat Color - $20
Lineless Color - $30
Lined Full Color - $35
+ Background - +$10
+ Additional character - +$10

Pixel Art

50x50 Icon - $8 USD
Pixel Chibi - $15 USD

Pixels may include simple animation such as blinking or mouth movements! More complex animation can be discussed.

Virtual Petsite Art

I have extensive experience in petsite art; I have done items, pets, game art, NPCs and animated avatars for Kaylune, Icepets, Sobapets, Starbits Pets, Ikoram, Misticpets and other sites. I am good at matching styles and may do examples upon request.

Pets/Battle Opponents/NPCs/Other Large Images:
Examples: NPC, Pet1, Pet2, Pet3, Battle Opponent, Game Image; sketches and concepts available upon request; willing and able to do hatching/evolving pet stages
Prices: $30-$45 USD, based on complexity, for a transparent image with any set of basic (ROYGBIV, black, white) recolors. Stuff like unusual recolors (patterns, added features), additional poses, evolution sets, animation and so on is negotiable.

Examples: Miscellaneous 1, Miscellaneous 2, Miscellaneous 3, Plushies 1, Minipet1, Potions1, Holiday1, Holiday2, Holiday3; sketches and concepts provided upon request
Prices: $3-$5 USD per item depending on complexity; $7 for simple animated item (i.e. fading/glow/tailwag/blink); free basic recolors; will do requested sets for holidays or other occasions

Latest Vocaloid/UTAU Works




:iconcoddie215: :iconechovoice713: :iconkiyasiya72: :iconnatsunon: :iconmei-saime:



Katie Forgy
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey there!

I'm Myst, a 26 y/o Vocaloid and UTAU user, virtual petsite artist, and Nintendo enthusiast.

I voiced and designed the UTAU character Kikyuune Aiko, and I manage the channel Studio VOXYZ on YouTube!

My avatar is from this video.

Studio VOXYZ Site
Studio VOXYZ on YouTube

Buy Me a Coffee at
If you like my work, perhaps tip me via ko-fi?
I appreciate it!
Looks like dA decided to crap out as I was trying to change the size of my Anta upload and broke it, and now it's not even letting me try to reupload the image.

Anyone else having issues w/ dA being weird?

Gonna try to fix that later. Ugh.

Pick a Vocaloid out of the choices below (for reasons) 

11 deviants said v_flower
8 deviants said Yuzuki Yukari
6 deviants said SONiKA
5 deviants said MIRIAM
1 deviant said LEON
1 deviant said LOLA
1 deviant said BIG AL


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Rexafrek Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ahh hey <3 love your utau covers just dicovered your DA nice work!
MystSaphyr Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh thank you!! I really appreciate that you enjoy my stuff ;v;/
Kiwizzy Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there! Sorry if this comes off as too formal, but I'm so glad I found you here! I had no idea you made kikyunna aiko!! I love her so much, I especially love the biohazard song :) 
It was also surprising to see that you made those drawings of pamyu :0
ive seen your art so many times, and I had no idea, so I'm so glad to have found you at last XD 
thank you for all the awesome covers and the Utau!! X3
MystSaphyr Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah thank you so much! I'm always happy to hear that people like Aiko and my VocUTAU stuff ;v;
(By the way, Q-Chord is also on here, that's CrusherP's alias. She's the one who wrote and composed Biohazard!)

It's also nice to hear that there's someone else who likes Pamyu ;_; she never got much attention overseas but she's still one of my top favorite UTAU and I have a pile of WIP covers with her I need to finish...
Kiwizzy Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem! :D
oh that's cool! well I love the covers you do with aiko xD 

yeah, her voice is just really cute, and her design is cute aswell :) 
she really does deserve more attention, she's one of the better Utau's 
oh that'll be cool to see! :0
flippy509 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017   Digital Artist
Hello there.

I'm a newbie with UTAU and just got the program yesterday. So far everything's been going fine but I am having a bit of trouble that deals with the plugins. So far I was able to get the Romaji to Hiragana to work but when I try adding on other plugins they don't show up in the program. I've also been looking up tutorials to see if they'd help but so far none of them have worked or just don't make sense to me.

I also have a few other problems and questions such as not being able to get other UTAU's loaded into the program to try them out, and how you get the UTAUs voice type. Such as normal, power, and soft.

Tips and advice would be very appreciated dear. If you want at least because so far I've had no luck getting answers from people I've asked.
MystSaphyr Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! I'm more than happy to help. I really apologize for the textwall but it's hard to answer some of these questions without a detailed explanation, so I hope this is ok;; I'll try to split it up a bit though.


I always ask newbies this, but did you change your system locale to Japanese BEFORE downloading and installing UTAU, any plugins, or voicebanks? If you didn't change locale yet, or you changed locale AFTER you downloaded UTAU/VBs/etc., you'll have to start over and redownload everything;;

Secondly, in the same menu as local (somewhere in Regional and Language Options in system preferences), make sure you change the decimal point to a dot (.) rather than a comma (,)

(I know the second thing is weird, but it solves a lot of unusual issues people have sometimes with plugins and resamplers.)


• Which plugins are you trying to use? Sometimes it depends on the plugin! Basic stuff (for instance, Lyric Diphonizer) should just involve unzipping the plugin, navigating to Program Files > UTAU > plugins and dropping the plugin's folder in there. But some others (presamp, for instance) are kinda weird. Just let me know which ones you're trying to use and I'll see if I can figure out what's giving you issues.

• As for loading UTAU into the program, you navigate to Program Files > UTAU > voice. When you download a voicebank, just unzip it (most banks will be a folder compressed to .rar or .zip format) and drop the folder into the "voice" folder you found. Then to change UTAU banks on a UST, you go to Project > Project Properties (if you downloaded the latest version of UTAU it should default to English). This brings up a window where you can select a VB.

• For your last question about voice types, that's almost entirely dependent on which UTAU you use. Some UTAU may have "appends" that are entirely separate voicebanks, other UTAU may have a "soft" or "power" bank included in the same folder, some have powercales where they're set up to automatically use softer or stronger vocals based on the notes in the UST file. Which VBs are you interested in using? I can tell you if they have different voice types! (For instance, Teto has both a power bank and a soft bank but they're all separate downloads, and the power bank is actually meant to be added into her normal voicebank... it gets confusing sometimes haha)

• As a side note, you CAN get (very limited) different voice effects by using different resamplers and flags, but that's a whole other topic I'd have to get into;; if you're interested tho I can!

• Since you're new, you might find these extra tutorials helpful:…
(ESPECIALLY the "fitting a voicebank to a UST thing)
flippy509 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017   Digital Artist
Ahh It's okay, I've never been that good with explaining anyways so forgive me dear for not giving you detailed explanations. Though I guess I'll split things up like you did? Seems much neater than how I just asked you all sorts of questions that weren't very explained thoroughly ah.
To be honest I didn't in the beginning and thinking I was right just skipped over the locale and downloaded the program instead. So today after a few more look through's of tutorials I uninstalled UTAH and changed my locale to Japan. After changing some things in the system preferences and installing UTAU again I was able to get my current UTAU to sing with and without a ust. So that made me really happy since I wasn't able to hear anything yesterday after the download.
Well mostly the plugins from the tutorial that Yuunarii linked in her description. Which I'm pretty sure was the Lyric Diphonizer, Copy to clipboard and past to clipboard, pitch editor, and romaji to hiragana. Still I don't understand why all of them aren't showing up. I did like you said which was cut the plugin I wanted and paste it right into the UTAU plugins folder after I made sure it was unzipped. And I think liked I mentioned the Romaji to Hiragana popped up after I had put it in the folder and worked just fine after I tested it out. I forgot what the other one was that also popped up in the program but I'm pretty sure if was the Lyric Diphonizer. I'm not able to tell since It's all in a different language ( even after I tried changing the names). Also if I'm correct the Lyric Diphonizer is suppose to convert CV-VCV? To be honest I can't tell the difference between the two even though I know CV is suppose to sound more choppy where VCV is suppose to sound more natural. Would you know if there's any other plugin I can use that would be able to do that, or even more than just that so I won't be going from plugin to plugin searching for what I need?
For the voicebank I think I kinda figured that out too? Not really since whenever I try to change the voicebank the only one being available would be Defoko. So far the two I downloaded were Teto and Ritsu. Since those two popped in my head after I couldn't successfully download Denki Sai's voicebank. I unzipped the two files, placed them under the voice folder, then went back to change Defoko to one of those two. Except after clicking on one of the folders nothing seemed to pop up. At least for Ritsu. As for Teto there was another folder in some other language, after I clicked that three more folders popped up. Two I think leading to sound clips which I'm guessing are the sounds she makes. The other one I forgot since I did this all just this morning (and right now It's night time for me) and that I have a bad memory. So after clicking one of those again I was able to get her voice to work. Except her icon didn't appear and not when I tried changing the voicebank again. As for changing the UTAU on a UST I haven't tried that yet, so I'll try in a bit and see what will happen.
Ahh, I figured that out after some time of exploring some of Teto's voice bank types including a few of Ritsu's. I think for Ritsu I downloaded the power type since I liked how UTAU's with the power type sound. So I already know that some of the voice bank types are separate. Though I guess to be honest I asked the wrong thing? Or more like explained it horrible. What I meant to say was how would I be able to set up my own UTAU's voice bank type? I'm planning to create my own UTAU soon after I get to know a bit more of how to do voicebanks and about the program of UTAU itself.
However to be honest I'm kinda confused how everything is set up when it comes to a voicebank. Like how I downloaded Teto's and everything was just included in that folder. The image of her, the sounds she makes, the notes, you know what I mean? I'd possibly like to get more information on that if that's possible along with what you need to do in order to make a voice bank.
actually I'd love to know more about resamplers and flags because I have no clue what either of those are. So the better I know the better I'll be able to improve.

Also thanks for the link! I'll check it out as soon as I can!
MystSaphyr Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lyric Diphonizer simply converts CV (hiragana) to VCV (hiragana). You select notes in the CV UST, select the plugin from the list, and it auto-edits the lyric input to be in VCV, that's all!

I've never used the pitch editor plugin myself, but I have a feeling that one might be one of the complicated ones? Some plugins install very differently, and I'd check the UtaForum or YouTube and see if there are any tutorials or translations of the readme file.

There's actually one big nifty plugin that covers a lot of the basics! It includes romaji/hiragana, CV/VCV, and a few other things I haven't tried yet. It goes by the name "iroiro" and you can find a DL and tutorial here:…

Teto is packaged really weird and UTAU isn't good at too many nested folders. You have to pick the folder that contains the samples, readme.txt, character.txt and such and just put that in "voice". I could probably send you my preconfigured folder privately if you like, it has ALL her extras packaged together (ending breaths, trilled R, power/shout, whisper) and I even edited the prefixmap (the file that selects which sounds to use at different pitches) to automatically use her whisper on low notes and sakebi/power on high notes like a powerscale. Normally you have to download all of Teto's extra stuff separately and put it together yourself but I can save you that trouble;;

There's plenty of tutorials for making your own UTAU online, it depends on how in-depth you'd like to get since there's a dozen methods of recording out there! Many people have their own individual preferred voicebank setup methods. But, you'll probably want to start small. I'd recommend doing a single-pitch bare bones voicebank to get used to the software. You've got 3 options:

CV (as in "consonant-vowel") -  The most simple recording method, very short one-syllable samples, configuring is fairly quick but it can sound choppy since the samples don't blend naturally.

VCV - The fandom favorite method; it has longer samples of multiple syllables, it's just really tedious to edit the oto.ini bc there's a TON of samples but the payoff is a more fluid/natural sound.

CVVC - A newer method that is in-between the other two. It uses multiple-syllable samples but they're configured and used in a different way from VCV. It can be as quick to record as CV, but more difficult to configure the oto.ini. However it can sound comparatively nice as VCV.

I mainly use CVVC out of preference, but if any of these sound good to you I can give you a recording list and see how it goes!

As for resamplers/flags, that's something to cover after you've got the basics of fitting a UST to an UTAU (which is included in that link) and making your own basic VB.

(If you'd like to move this to notes btw, feel free haha;; )
Rina55 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there, my friend!

I made an UTAU a few years back, however I never liked the quality of her voice,

May I ask what you used to record Aiko?
I just used my computers microphone (which I know is a bad idea XP) and audacity
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